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John Edwards would require women to undergo mammograms

The Associated Press cited John Edwards as saying on Sunday that his universal health care plan would REQUIRE all Americans go to the doctor for preventive care.   I do not have any complaint about John Edwards as a person.  But I do not think Edwards’ universal plan would solve the country’s health problems.



According to the AP, Edwards' plan requires that everybody be covered and get preventative care. "You have to go in and be checked and make sure that you are OK," Edwards was quoted as saying.   Under his plan, for example, he said women would be required to have regular mammograms in an effort to find and treat the first trace of problem.



I do not understand why each and every citizen should be forced to accept doctors' services?   When it comes to abortion, I supposed Edwards as a democrat would support a right to choose.   But why should a citizen not have a right to choose when it comes to how to prevent diseases?



After all, mammography is not the way to prevent breast cancer. Doctors and laymen alike know it may help diagnose the disease early, but it never prevents it from developing.    What is Edwards’ definition of preventive care?   Does it mean aggressive diagnosis of all types of diseases?


Health care is the issue each and all politicians like to talk about. Both citizens and the insurance/medical industry would never get tired of hearing it.   But increased spending on the traditional health care is not the solution to the health problems Americans are facing.


In this country, people spend more money on drugs and medical services than people in any other country while the quality of medical services rarely gets in the top ten.   It’s likely based on some sources I know that each American now spends nearly $4000 a year on health care.   The spending is increasing.   Government data suggest that one in five dollars in this country will be spent on health care by 2016.  


Obviously, Edwards wants to spend more and also takes away your right to making medical decisions.


By A reader - foodconsumer.org


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